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May 17, 2006

The Beer Baron exists

But he does not hawk his hooch via filled bowling balls that travel through a complex systems of tunnels starting at the local Lucky Lanes.

He lives, ironically, near me. And I "hopped" at the chance of hearing a robust rumor he was just foaming at the mouth to belie:

One of the MacGregor's restaurants in Rochester is closed. Flat out skunked. And under strange and convoluted circumstances involving an estranged family member and a bad debt. The details are sketchy - the beer baron was of course trying to explain this to me in a beer store. I was ... Distracted.

Still. The job of beer baron actually exists! He calls himself a beer distributor but then he told me this wild story about how there's a guy near Syracuse trying to monopolize the beer distributorship for the entire state. That's a lotta keg stands if you get my draught.

But this guy continues to fight the good fight, to keep lesser-known west-coast microbrews on the lips of Rochesterians everywhere, and to spite his brother, who owns MacGregors. Oops - let that one slip. It's the beer talking - a toasted lager from the Blue Point Brewing Company in Long Island. They're a little different because they brew lagers and other breeds involving different yeasts. That's tough to do, especially for the little guys out there. But I'd put this up to any lager I've had - even most Belgian ales, which have a similar texture and finish.

Like I said - beer talking.