I know I don't update it daily. Shut up.

October 24, 2007

Well, here we go!

Tomorrow morning we hit the road. Then it's on to rehearsals, dinners, and the big day.

Dum, dum de dum ... dum dum de dum ...

That song sucks. Wait'll ya get a load of our music. He heh heh.

October 20, 2007

Droppin' some knowledge on YouTube

I get YouTube. I really do. I get its user-friendly methods, and the necessity to shrink video file sizes in order to post the millions of closeups from desktop Webcams of preteen pontificators.

It's a money-generating machine for Google, which bought it last year. And darn if it's not fun.

That's what makes me think that somewhere at the YouTube home office there is a room full of monkeys at typewriters trying to conjure a solution to the aspect ratio issue.

Of what do I speak? Well, we recently bought our wedding videographer - I say "bought" because we plunked the $700 the pro wanted into buying our very own Hitachi HD and DVD camcorder. It's pretty sweet - it has its own hard drive, which can keep something like 4-5 hours of video, but also can burn 30 minutes directly to a tiny DVD for immaediate viewing.

I tested the camera last week at work, and kept the letterbox aspect ratio. But when the video showed up on YouTube, Youtube automatically added the black bars at the top and bottom but, as you can see, still squished it a bit on the left and right sides.

I'm not complaining. It's an uber cool free service, and technology is only now outpacing it. The only question I have is: When will the monkeys launch V 2.0 to give us bigger picture capability?

October 19, 2007

Seven days and

... 19 hours from now until I'm married, for those of you keeping track at home.

October 7, 2007

The 100th Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where have I been for the last month, you ask?

Preparing for the Blurb's 100th post EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!

Here's a look at the highlights of the last year and a half, the fun times and the bad times, the stupidness and the ... smartness.

At right is the publication that started it all, the Daily Blurb. A second incarnation will be in the works at a later date.

So enjoy a look back at the blog that is Blurb.

Word, sucka.

  1. In June last year, we visited the WWE. And who wrestled but none other than Balls Mahoney. On an unrelated topic, I'm naming my first-born Balls. Boy or girl.

  2. July 2006 was a fun time as my friend, Lisa Garvey, had her first child, a cute little imp named Maeve. I made some predictions here, and 'm waiting to hear the results. Her husband, Mike, has one of the best blogs ever.

  3. A few weeks after moving to Massachusetts, I hosted a dinner party.

  4. Then, I got engaged.

  5. And, if that weren't enough to make last year's the best Christmas ever, I discovered the Lego Store at the mall.
  6. I found the greatest cartoon theme songs ever. How many have YOU seen?
  7. In February we celebrated Meep Day with a cake shaped like a movie icon.
  8. March and April were a busy time, what with planning a wedding and getting a new job and all. Then in June I visited a graveyard and a mountain.
  9. I officially became a Bostonian when I attended my first Red Sox game.
  10. Nowadays, my life has been pretty much consumed by planning a wedding. This blog post was supposed to be much cooler, with Venn diagrams and guest appearances by Richard Little and Bette Midler. But that's showbiz for ya. Truth is, I couldn't let my blog wallow any longer. So for the Blurb faithful, thanks for your patience. I promise it won't be so long next time.