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August 5, 2008

I have seen the light

And it is chili on spaghetti.
Weird, yes. It's a delicacy I enjoyed in California in May. I think I may never go back to the white rice on which I previously enjoyed.
This evening I made the dish with my own batch of chili, itself a masterpiece thanks to the hot pepper my mom gave me from her garden. A veritable triumph for the palate, the mixture of noodle and thick chili is a veritable smorgasbord of international relations, akin to Italy's alliance with Spain in World War I.*
Sweet Jeebus that was awesome.
*I did not at all look that up. In fact, it wouldn't be stretching it if I said I made that up completely. So, to make up for an utter lack of research, here's a photo of me, Marcy, and the SpongeBob gang eating chili at Chili John's in California.