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April 19, 2007

Coming soon.

I have stumbled on a book that I'm about halfway through but can already feel is changing my life. And while it SHOULD be "The Universe in a Single Atom" by the Dalai Lama, which I've been reading for the better part of a year in order to understand it, it is not. This book was named one of the top 20 novels of the 20th century by Time magazine. Its got surprisingly deep characters with very complex issues.

And it's a comic book.

I'm reading The Watchmen, which is actually a graphic novel but most of the folks that are regulars of this here blog will see it and say, "That's a comic book." But I know better. Just thought you should know that I know that.

So stay tuned, as there's a review to come, Neil Cumpston-style I think.

To tide you over, watch Will Farrell get verbally bitchslapped by a two-year-old.

April 15, 2007


Last weekend, Marcy and I decided to have craft night. It entailed a foray into Sculpey, the clay material you bake in the oven to make lovely sculptures. I turned out to be pretty darn good, and await local art critic Garv to tell all the Blurbites how we did. Enjoy!
(From left: Mr. Quacky by me, a hot dog also by me, an Easter bunny by me, jack-o-lanterns by Marcy, gnome by Marcy, and flower pot by Marcy.)

Another look at the bunny, including Easter basket by Marcy.

April 2, 2007

Has it been TWO WEEKS!?

Dear God it's been awhile. Been busy with the new job (check out here if you don't believe me).

Some randomness while I've been away:

- My mother and sister went to Costa Rica. Why? Why not!? And the trip was .... mysterious. Neither will tell me anything about it yet, but I've seen pictures of them zip-lining through the jungle. I think they stumbled on a futuristic alien that makes itself invisible and has lazer scopes, and they had to battle it by smearing mud on themselves so that it couldn't see them because it's got infrared vision and my sister got wounded but said, "I ain't got time to bleed."

- I learned how to install laminate flooring. Yep. Here's a picture of me doin' it:

- Marcy and I went to an event to look at wedding rings. She almost bought her band at half price, and it had five diamonds on it! It'll make some other girl very happy, because we decided that in the end, this is one of the things we're not going to skimp on. We want the rings to mean something, rather than go for what we can get cheap. So we left empty handed but not empty stomached: We each had a thick slab o' cake and man was it tasty. So we're going with the Celtic bands we found online. Should be pretty sweet.

- Apparently test dummies were the "alien bodies" found at Area 51 in the 1950s. But some old guy won't believe it. I mention this because there's a lesson here: Dummies are everywhere.

- Marcy made a mighty fine dinner from instructions she scribbled on a Post-It note.

- I find myself envying Joxer's life sometimes. The big decision in his life is whether to sleep on the back of the love seat or the chair in the guest room.

- Vince McMahon got his head shaved. While that doesn't directly impact my life, I am still bummed that I missed Wresltemania.

There. Had to get that out. Next post won't be so random.