I know I don't update it daily. Shut up.

July 31, 2007

The view from my office

When you're in a band and you've practiced for hours and hours and your fingers bleed from picking the guitar strings and you have that moment of connection on stage, when it's just you and the audience, and the audience leaves the theater ready to take on the world, inspired by your art, and so in their moment of bliss they take a sharpie and scrawl your band's name on a dumpster outside my window ...

...then, and only then, will you know you've arrived.

July 25, 2007

Breaking news

I have absolutely nothing to post today. Zilch. I'm really trying to think of something, but I ain't got shazbot.

So enjoy some Legos:

Han Solo in carbonite.

Stephen Colbert

Duckhunt for the Nintendo

Homage to M.C. Escher

Random baby

Moses gets the Commandments (Click here for more)

The Taj Mahal


A Volvo

July 19, 2007

I love math!

But only when it does this.

July 16, 2007

Words of wisdom

If you're deaf, don't walk backwards into a parking lot, as the guy did last night when I was leaving the movies.

July 14, 2007


Dateline: Tokyo

A giant red elephant battled a fire-breathing dragon to the death today, much to the surprise of American tourists taking too many pictures on their way to famous Tokyo landmarks such as Jumpin' Yamoto's Whitefish Shack.
A tourist managed to photograph the fray before being bloodily trampled to death by the beasts:

The fighting became worse when a giant furred beast calling itself Joxer the Giant rounded a Tokyo skyscraper and tore the dragon's tail off, giving the giant red elephant the advantage it needed.

More on this story as it develops ...

July 10, 2007

Thinky animation

I'd been meaning to pst this for awhile now and my computer overload this evening (now that it's working) got me thinking about this animated short, a student project put up on YouTube about a year ago.

I don't know why I love it so. Maybe because it's happy and sad? Or because it says so much by saying so little? I'm in the camp that feels the little kiwi is crying tears of joy at seeing his dream realized. Because in the end, if we did what we wanted to do in life, then wasn't it all worth it?


That's what I suppose you'd call a blackout of a blog.
See, our power cord to the laptop went on the fritz last week so today I was delivered another. Yay for the modern era!

But seeing as how I've gone a lot longer without blogging, few of you probably noticed I was gone.

SO ... a blow-by-blow update:

1. First, some good news: Marcy and I booked our honeymoon in an awesome exotic location where I can drink mojitos while deep-sea fishing. Three of my favorite things: Drinkin', fishin' and wenchin', all in one place. Paradise!

2. Again with the good news: Marcy just told me "it's not all that it's cracked up to be" is an Irish expression, acording to the book she's reading. I am unable at present to verify with a second source.

3. We have been dining for the better part of a week on spicy gumdrops. I loves me some spicy gumdrops.

4. Mom came to Boston this weekend to surprise Laura for her birthday. Here's a photo:

And Joey C was supposed to visit last night, but his plane had to go to Hell's Armpit, also known as Hartford, Conn.

6. I've saved the best for last.
I saw a movie that made my insides move. It made my ears dance, my tongue thick, and my feet curl. I didn't know a movie could make you reconsider your own dogmas, or render you a slave to its heaving massivity. It made me skip No. 5 in this list and go directly to 6.

I bow to Transformers. It owns me now. And any minute my laptop is going to sprout machine-gun hands and feet and shoot me down, then beat me senseless with an mpeg of Larry King. Because those Decepticons, man, those Decepticons are ruthless.

Help me, Optimus. Help me.

July 1, 2007

BoSox! Booyah!

Yes, there I am eating my beer at the Red Sox game today. Granted, they lost to the Rangers, but it was my first Red Sox game and Luke and I had a great time. Luke, for those of you who don't know him, is Marcy's cousin's fiance. He got the tickets through work; so the price was right.

Best part of the game: Turning around to face the Fenway field once we found our seats, which were on the first-base line and were AWESOME.

Weirdest part of the game: the umps literally walking out to the bullpen to get the Rangers' closer, Gagne, to get out and take the mound. I thought they were about to call a delay-of-game penalty. Cripes.

Worst part of the game: $7 cup of Budweiser.

A great day all around, though. Lots o fun.