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September 1, 2007

Post #99

Stay tuned for a big extravanganza for the Daily Blurb's 100th post. It'll be GREAT. I promise. Some surprises, some laughs, some tears, some pictures. Until then, let's talk plumbing.

Is it so hard to find good plumbing in apartments these days? In my favorite apartment ever, the one I lived in by myself in Rochester, I had OK drains but the building was owned by the same guy as the apartment I lived in before, which had the worst drains ever. I mean, maybe that's your thing and the ankle-deep pool of cess doesn't bug you, but I say this: If the hair on my head chooses to loose itself from its mortal coil, I don't get in its way. Let it embark on the adventure of a lifeftime through the many tubes and interwebbings of the City of Rochester sewer system.
Our apartment here in Boston also has crap plumbing, which makes me mad. Not at the current system, but at my landlord in Rochester, who was an ass to begin with. He always said that because his buildings were built in the 1920s, modern plumbing conveniences (in retrospect, a pipe's a friggin pipe) were never installed and as such, Bryan took a shbath every morning before work. OR a bshower.
But I've earned that apartment plumbing is crap no matter where I go, as evidenced by the discovery Marcy made this morning of the ankle-deep pool of mung coagulating nigh her toes.

Moral of the story: Cess isn't used often enough in the English language these days.